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Nutritionist Services

Mariposa Wellness

Lina Reid, Owner of Mariposa Wellness, is a licensed Nutritionist and certified Access Bars Practitioner.  Lina has practiced nutrition in health care for over 20 years, working with patients to support their nutritional needs.  Access Bars, a process of lightly touching 32 points on the head, helps clients to improve their sleep, mental clarity, reduce headaches, stress and anxiety. Lina helps her clients to make informed decisions about their health and empower them to make positive changes. Lina's passion for mind and body wellness will ensure you receive the support you need to feel your best.  


Nutrition Counselling $99 per session

Includes nutrition review, guidance, meal planning, recipes and more!



$95 per session

1 hr Access Bars session and tools to support positive thinking.

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