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Description: A couple's massage is a wonderful way for two people to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic experience together. 

During the session, both individuals will receive massages side by side in the Salt cave, creating a peaceful and intimate atmosphere.

Intention: The aim is to provide a relaxing and intimate experience for couples or friends who want to share a therapeutic massage together.

Recommended for: Couples, friends, or family members who want to bond over a relaxing experience.

Suggested pairing: 

A) NON RMT Thai massage, Indian head massage, Reiki, Reflexology (offered by Sheila) 

B) NON RMT Spine to the Divine, Relaxation massage, Reiki (offered by Lexie)

C) RMT Craniosacral therapy, massage, prenatal (offered by Tracy)

D) RMT Massage, Prenatal, Reflexology, Reiki (offered by Melissa)

All treatments are in the Salt cave.

1 charge per person treatment and 1 charge only for the Salt cave Add ON


Call us during business hours to coordinate appointments.

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