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Image by Sinitta Leunen

Spine to the Divine

A relaxing mix of Craniosacral therapy, relaxing massage and Reiki. What is Spine to the Divine? A Spine to the Divine Practitioner uses subtle techniques (some CranioSacral, some energetic, some massage) to soften the armor of defense that the body automatically puts up due to trauma. This helps us to work with the emotional and mental level to alchemize suppressed and traumatized imprints.

Through the spinal channel and chakras, we help the body revert back to harmonizing, connecting and resolving. From chaos to calm, we go back to the root cause of any and all “discomfort”, “disease” and trauma responses. We understand symptoms as a defense response, and we help the body to recognize them and move through them in order to return back to its original and healthy state.

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