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At Nature's Gifts and Organic Spa, we teach a hatha style yoga, linking asanas with breath and mindful awareness. With particular attention to safety, we offer an all-levels class with modifications throughout the class. Pranayama (Breathe) is incorporated in a typical 60 minute class, as are postures which are linked in a “flow-like” style. As with all yoga, the best way to know is to come experience some of our classes.

Come join us for an Energy Flow class! Suited for all levels, we’ll get better acquainted to the roots of your practice, experience everything from proper alignment techniques to basic breath work.  Take some time to unwind, exhale and experience you. Our energy levels differ each day, allow yourself to connect to whatever that level is in the moment, let go and flow. See you on your mat!


Note: We are open for in-studio classes! Masks are recommended in public settings for all people. 

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